oh my god

Omgosh, how precious is this little girl?


I love learning about people. I love hearing their thoughts, their outlook on life. I love hearing someones voice for a first time because it makes them unique. It’s really cliche to say that everyone is unique but it’s true, maybe we don’t see it at first. But if we dig deep enough in to their brain we really see why they’re different from everyone else. And I love that more than anything. 

Are you ‘bout that LIFE?

How do things get like this? Life. Life is the present. It isn’t the past, it isn’t dwelling on what could of been or focusing on the what should of been: it’s right here in this moment. As I write this for myself, or someone else to realize the past has done made its landing, and if you just take control of the right now, of yourself- by making the right choices, you will NEVER have to face that same past again in what could be your future.

You may think I’m writing this because something horrible has happened in my past; but the thing is.. everyone does mess up, and everyone makes mistakes. its your choices, and how you CHOOSE to pick yourself back up that truly defines us. With every lesson we learn, from any situation that is before us, we become brighter, bolder, happier and full of the present life!